Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Whoa… Trump Scores MASSIVE Court Victory

Join Gary Franchi in a special report as we delve into President Trump’s unwavering court presence during the New York fraud trial, where his testimony was hailed as unparalleled in decades. Witness the GOP’s surging momentum ahead of 2024, as a new CNN poll reveals a significant enthusiasm gap favoring Republicans. Hear Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ pivotal endorsement in the Republican presidential primary, and understand why these developments are crucial for America’s future. Don’t miss Gary’s incisive Final Thought where he lays out the implications of these events for our great republic. Tune in to this must-see coverage to grasp the full spectrum of today’s political landscape. Remember, this isn’t just news; it’s the pulse of the republic. Subscribe for the insights you need at this critical time.

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“You’re absolutely right Mr. President! Trump 2024!”

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