Wednesday, May 22, 2024

VIDEO: This Might Have Just Cost Biden The 2024 Election

In an unprecedented show of dissent, black students at Morehouse College turned their backs on President Joe Biden during his commencement address. This act...

WATCH: Rubio Makes Bombshell Border Announcement

In a dramatic turn of events, Senator Marco Rubio has thrown his full support behind former President Donald Trump's plan for the largest mass...

WATCH: Liberal ‘View’ Host Gets Called Out On Live TV

The crowd TURNED ON HER when Tulsi Gabbard called her out! Top Comment: "Tulsi was a SAVAGE"

MUST-SEE: Trump’s Epic Courthouse Takedown Of Hush Money Hoax

In a fiery statement outside the Manhattan courthouse, President Trump blasted the hush money case against him, calling it a politically motivated witch hunt...

Breaking: Shocking Death Rocks CNN

Network Mourns As Tributes Pour In Top Comment: "he must have found something incriminating"

WATCH: Top Democrat DEFIES His Own Party

Democrat Senator Makes Massive Announcement Top Comment: "If Menendez was a Republican, he would've already been forced to resign."

BREAKING: Kamala Harris Connection To Trump Trial Exposed

Blockbuster revelation... Top Comment: "Kamala should go to jail too"

VIDEO: AOC Instagram Scandal Sets Internet On Fire

The Democrats are finished... Top Comment: "She is one of the best examples of how much our government has declined."

Supreme Court Shaken – Justice Could Be Impeached

This could change the entire political landscape... Top Comment: "Trump in 2024. We want Trump, we want Trump!"

Just In: Total Chaos Breaks Out At White House

Alarm Has Been Sounded Top Comment: "Would someone please change the soiled adult diapers of Brandon. He's stinking up the White House."

Breaking: Star Witness Caught LYING During Trump’s Trial

In a stunning courtroom revelation, the prosecution's star witness against former President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, had his credibility shattered under a withering cross-examination....

Big Tech Censorship Just Took A Terrifying New Turn

In this special report, we uncover the shocking story of Petey B, an Airbnb superhost with a flawless record who found himself abruptly banned...