Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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WATCH: Pelosi HUMILIATED When She’s Fact-Checked On Live TV

In this explosive special report, we expose Nancy Pelosi’s blatant lie about Joe Biden’s job creation numbers. The former House Speaker claimed that Biden created 9 million jobs during his term, but was swiftly fact-checked live on MSNBC by host Katy Tur. Pelosi snapped at Tur, accusing her of being an apologist for Donald Trump, but the truth remains clear: Biden’s job “creation” is nothing more than a recovery from the pandemic-induced job losses. Shockingly, all jobs recovered post-Covid under Biden have gone to foreign-born workers, while 1.2 million native-born Americans lost their jobs in August alone. As Pelosi and her left-leaning compatriots peddle misleading claims, we uncover the reality behind the numbers and reveal the truth about the state of our economy.

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“Ether she’s incredibly drunk or she is the worst liar in America. I’ll believe both”

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