Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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Video: Top Liberal Host Get CANCELED Once Again

In today’s special report, Gary Franchi delves into the unexpected cancellation of ‘The Don Lemon Show’ by Elon Musk, revealing the hidden agendas and the truth behind the partnership’s dramatic end. Discover why Musk decided to sever ties with Don Lemon, a former CNN commentator known for his leftist leanings, and the implications of this move for free speech and media integrity. This insightful analysis Presents the underlying conflict between Musk’s vision for an uncensored platform and the propagated narratives Lemon planned to bring to X. Musk’s decisive action underscores a broader struggle against biased media and the importance of authentic dialogue in today’s digital age.

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“Does Lemon think he is better then anyone else? Seem like it!”

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