Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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VIDEO: Deranged Activists Assault Trump’s Team in Broad Daylight

In this shocking report, we expose the violent attacks perpetrated by deranged leftists against peaceful Team Trump volunteers outside Kamala Harris’ event in Philadelphia. As Harris addressed the SEIU Quadrennial Convention, callously ignoring the chaos erupting just beyond the venue’s doors, her unhinged supporters flipped tables and lunged aggressively at the Trump team. This disturbing display of intolerance and aggression from those claiming to champion “unity” and “peace” lays bare the blatant hypocrisy at the heart of the Democratic party. While Kamala cackled over her choice of cheese at a local sandwich shop, the divide in America grew ever deeper. Is this the leadership our nation needs in these turbulent times? With Trump 2024 on the horizon, it’s clear that we must stand against such blatant hatred and advocate for a return to civility and respect, regardless of political affiliation.

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“These are the tactics of a losing party”

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