Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Trump Declares All-Out WAR

In a groundbreaking development, Truth Social, led by the Trump Media & Technology Group, has initiated a major legal battle against 20 top media organizations. Accusing them of deliberate misinformation and false reporting, Truth Social’s lawsuit is a bold step towards holding these media giants accountable. This report delves deep into the heart of the conflict, uncovering the details of the lawsuit, the accused media companies, and the implications for free speech and media integrity in our republic. Gary Franchi unpacks the drama, the facts, and the potential fallout in this must-watch special report. Stay tuned for the crucial “Final Thought” segment where the real impact of this lawsuit on America is revealed. Don’t miss out – watch now to grasp the full extent of this pivotal moment in media and political history.

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“They throw any and all wrenches at him thinking something some how will stick.”

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