Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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MUST-SEE: Trump’s Epic Courthouse Takedown Of Hush Money Hoax

In a fiery statement outside the Manhattan courthouse, President Trump blasted the hush money case against him, calling it a politically motivated witch hunt with no evidence of a crime. As he arrived for the 6th week of the trial, Trump criticized Judge Juan Merchan as “highly conflicted” and accused him of interfering with the 2024 election by forcing Trump to be in court instead of out campaigning. Legal experts agree the prosecution’s case is collapsing, with Trump citing opinions from Jonathan Turley, Andy McCarthy, Greg Jarrett, and Alan Dershowitz who have all expressed doubts about the legitimacy of the charges. Trump warned that the weaponization of the justice system under Biden poses a threat to all Americans, not just himself. Despite efforts to keep supporters away, a large crowd of Trump backers gathered outside the courthouse to show their solidarity with the former president.

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Trump needs to sue for defamation of character.”

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