Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Must-See: Matt Gaetz CORNERS Trump Prosecutor in Tense Showdown

In a shocking video, watch as Rep. Matt Gaetz grills former Trump prosecutor Mark Pomerantz during a tense deposition hearing. Pomerantz, who worked on the Manhattan DA’s investigation into former President Trump, repeatedly invokes his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination when faced with Gaetz’s pointed questions about potential misconduct and legal violations. The heated exchange leaves Pomerantz speechless as he refuses to answer whether he knowingly broke any laws, violated constitutional rights, or misused federal funds while investigating Trump. Gaetz presses on, questioning Pomerantz’s actions both during the Trump investigation and his overall tenure at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. The former prosecutor’s silence and reliance on the Fifth Amendment raises serious concerns about the integrity of the investigation and the motivations behind the prosecution of the former president. This jaw-dropping confrontation is a must-see, as it sheds light on the potential abuse of power within the Manhattan DA’s office and the politically charged nature of the case against Trump.

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“Where are the other Republicans on all of this?”

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