Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Big Tech Censorship Just Took A Terrifying New Turn

In this special report, we uncover the shocking story of Petey B, an Airbnb superhost with a flawless record who found himself abruptly banned from the platform over his posts on X (formerly Twitter). Despite maintaining a 4.9/5 rating and hosting guests of all ethnicities, Airbnb terminated Petey’s account, claiming his X activity constituted discrimination. The company’s decision left guests stranded and raised serious questions about corporate overreach and censorship. Petey’s case highlights the invasive practice of corporations policing personal social media activity, even when it’s not directly linked to their platform. Airbnb’s ability to connect Petey’s X account to his Airbnb profile based solely on his name and photo is a disturbing breach of privacy. As Petey fights back against Airbnb’s actions, high-profile attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon suggests the company’s practices may violate California law. Join us as we delve into this unfolding story, exploring the implications for free speech, corporate responsibility, and user privacy.

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“AirBNB is discriminatory. THAT is against the law.”

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