Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Biden Panics After Learning He’s NOT on Ohio Ballot

In a stunning turn of events, President Joe Biden’s name is currently absent from the Ohio ballot for the upcoming November election. Despite the looming deadline, state lawmakers failed to take action to rectify the situation before adjourning. Ohio law mandates that both parties certify their presidential and vice-presidential nominees 90 days before Election Day, but the Democratic National Convention’s scheduling means Biden won’t be officially nominated until just 75 days prior. While some express confidence that a solution will be found, others, like Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose, warn that without compliance or a legally acceptable remedy, ballots may be prepared without the Democratic nominee. House Minority Leader Allison Russo blames “dysfunction” and “hyper-partisanship” for the legislative gridlock, while Speaker Jason Stephens acknowledges the “hyper political environment.” As the deadline passes and uncertainty looms, the fate of Biden’s appearance on the Ohio ballot hangs in the balance. Will lawmakers find a way to ensure Ohioans can vote for their preferred candidate, or will hyper-partisanship and inaction prevail?

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“Cause he cared more about helping Ukraine instead of AMERICANS!”

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