Saturday, June 3, 2023

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Watch: Liberal Media Furious Tucker Carlson’s Big Announcement

Top news right now: Tom Costello of NBC expressed concern over Tucker Carlson’s free speech on his new show, exclusively airing on Twitter. Carlson’s move to the social media platform has the liberal media up in arms, with many asking questions about the policing of speech and the possibility of unmonitored “misinformation.” In addition, fired CNN host Brian Stelter argued that this move would solidify Twitter as a right-wing platform. Stelter also speculated that Carlson was a burden on Fox News’ profits and predicted advertisers may leave Twitter due to the launch of Carlson’s new show. This move is seen as a major win for Carlson, who continues to maintain his position as a superstar in the news media business.

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“Good for you Tucker. Keep telling us the truth as it is. Blessings your way.”

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