Saturday, September 30, 2023

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Caught On Video: Fed Up Cameraman Takes Down Climate Activist

A climate protestor disrupted the finale of Sweden’s “Dancing with the Stars,” but justice was swiftly served. Footage showed a cameraman using his equipment to knock down the activist holding a sign that read “restore wetlands,” while security quickly removed the other two protesters. Three people were later questioned by police on suspicion of vandalism. The activists claimed they were raising awareness for the climate disaster, which politicians are accused of ignoring. Olympic skier Charlotte Kalla remained poised and received praise from judges for not being disturbed by the disruption. Viewers missed the chaos, but studio footage from multiple angles captured the incident. Bravo to the proactive cameraman and security for restoring order and maintaining the sanctity of the show.

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“The ole “gotcha Greta” moment. Lol.”

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